Elementa @ Work


“My teammates and I couldn't stop talking about how good we felt for hours after the session with SeeBeNow! I now use several of the exercises we learned on a daily basis." Kyle Carlson, GIPHY

Elementa is an immersive wellness experience … in your work space.

Feel more open, balanced, and energized in this 30-minute wellness experience, getting you back to work with more focus and creativity. 

Together we'll do an activating breath practice (AIR), followed by balancing, energizing movement (EARTH + FIRE), ending with an uplifting meditation (WATER + ETHER).

This experience is inspired by our app, Elementa, designed to help you feel this experience daily.

Our immersive wellness experience combines in person and online tools that lead to outcomes which include increased focus, creativity, and productivity.

For the Employees:

  • Live 30-Minute Elementa Experiencs: Our trained Presenters come to you where you work, giving you access to tools you can use any time, any day while you’re working.

  • Elementa App: You and your team can take the experience home, on your commute or while you travel, giving you access to powerful tools that are proven to enhance your work - life balance.

For the Organization:

  • Business Impact Metrics: Measure the success of the program with metrics such as Stress, Productivity, and Quality of Life.

  • Customized Communication Strategy: We produce customized materials including email copy, posters, and RSVP links to communicate the program and drive maximum engagement. We manage everything for you; all you need to do is breathe.



Companies providing wellness experiences at work have been shown to have:

  • 10% increase in productivity

  • 14% increase in focus

  • 20% reduction in stress

  • 11% improvement in being able to control irritations in their life

  • 12% improvement in feeling on top of things

  • 16% reduction in feeling nervous and stressed

  • 17% reduction in feeling unable to control the important things in their life

  • 18% reduction in being angered because of things that were outside of their control

  • 38% improvement in feeling confident about their ability to handle their personal problems

  • 77% of employees reported increased energy levels

  • 100% of employees reported reduced stress

  • 100% of employees reported improved mood