Elements of Yin Yoga | Presented by Tina Nance

Elements of Yin Yoga | Presented by Tina Nance

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In this series, experience long held therapeutic asanas that release deep layers of contraction & trauma, held in the fascia.

We will also experience how it feels to unlock and release Chi (energy) flow through the 12 main meridians that move directly through this deeper connective tissue.

We invite increased suppleness & flexibility into the physical body, particularly the joints, whilst restoring harmony & balance to the mental & emotional bodies. Simultaneously cultivating Mindfulness; the art of neither withdrawing from, or identifying with whatever arises, physically, psychologically & emotionally, which subsequently allows for deep transformation to occur, allowing a deep release & realignment of all level of our beings.

This Immersion Series is great for evening practice to drop in and let go.


Tina Nance has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and teaching yoga and women's work around the globe since 2003, in classes, workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings.

Tina is trained in both Classical Indian Yoga & Chinese Taoist Yoga, & specialises in Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy.

Tina is deeply passionate about creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to connect directly and experientially with their body-mind and Spirit via the Yogic Arts, & is the founder of TNYT Yoga Therapy; a fusion of Indian Hatha Yoga & the 5 Element Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tina works within the understanding that many of the contractions of the body-mind, are a manifestation of an identification with thoughts and behaviors that are misaligned with the truth of who we are. Tina's yoga is therefore focused on consciously unraveling our body-mind's contractions with guided awareness.

Cultivating the art of deep presence, focused awareness and conscious breath within each asana, exploring all eight limbs of yoga simultaneously, on the mat. Re-establishing health and harmony by un-obstructing the flow of prana through the body's energy channels, while connecting to our innate essence as loving presence, containing & embracing all that arises. Inviting Integration of body, mind and Spirit.

In recent years Tina has specialised in Yin Yoga & Mindfulness, and Yoga Therapy for Women's Wellness, travelling and teaching throughout Australia, Europe and Asia.

Tina is currently a resident yoga teacher & teacher trainer at The Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia, teaching regular classes, workshops & a 500hour TNYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program specializing in Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness. Check out Tina's other Series' , "Elemental Yoga Therapy".


This series is for anyone who wishes to greatly improve energy flow in the body and release trauma or injury stored in the body. You will get specific practices that help you connect with specific energy pathways in the body and see and feel results you can use in your every day life.


  • Episode 1 - Yin Yoga For the Kidneys

  • Episode 2 - Yin Yoga For the Lungs

  • Episode 3 - Yin Yoga For the Liver

  • Episode 4 - Yin Yoga For the Heart

  • Episode 5 - Yin Yoga For the Heart Part 2

  • Episode 6 - Yin Yoga For the Belly

  • Episode 7 - Yin Yoga For the Spine

  • Episode 8 - Yin Yoga For the Hips


After your purchase, you will get an email with a link to download this series - Eight 30 Minute Episodes - to access on any device (iPad, Phone, Laptop, Desktop, etc.).

  • Access from anywhere in the world.

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Is this series for men and women?
Yes! This course is designed for men and women of all experience levels.

Is this series only about yoga? No, this course is about energy and connection, as well as the physical aspects of yoga asana. It is a full complete practice that will help enhance your every day experience.

How fast will I see results? You should feel results after each episode you do. We invite you to take 5-10 minutes to integrate after you practice, and come back to each episode at any time.

Can I do this series even with a busy lifestyle? Yes! Each episode is only 30 minutes and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Will I have access to the series indefinitely? Yes! This series is yours forever once you purchase it.

How can I purchase this series? We process all major credit cards and paypal through a safe, encrypted website.

Can I get online support? Yes! You can email us 24 hours a day at support@seebenow.com and we’ll get back to you.

Still have questions? We got you. Email Support@seebenow.com and we’ll get back to you asap. Big love!