HitomiNow 7 Day Self Love Workshop

HitomiNow 7 Day Self Love Workshop


Experience ways to feel more balanced, connected and stable as we practice yoga asana, meditation, breathwork, guided journaling and more.

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Welcome to my 7 Day Self Love Workshop!

In this series, I share the mindfulness practices that have helped me heal and become the most balanced and illuminated version of myself.

Every practice within this series can be repeated over and over again to give you what you need. We use asana, pranayama, bandha and many other ancient tools to arrive at this balanced state.

Come journey with me … Love, Hitomi

What’s in this Series

This series has 7 episodes for 7 days of the week, with each episode designed to be done over and over again. You can journal at the beginning and end of each series, and watch yourself progress as you dive in deeper and deeper.

  • Day 1 - Waterfall Meditation + 3 Part Breathing

  • Day 2 - Journaling to Reshape Our Reality

  • Day 3 - Moon Hatha Yoga for Grounding

  • Day 4 - Sun Hatha Yoga For Energy

  • Day 5 - Self Love Mirror Gazing Meditation

  • Day 6 - Creating Safe Space

  • Day 7 - Fire Hatha Yoga for Activation

  • Bonus - Journaling Reflections

  • Community Support - 24 Hour support from our Crew in Brooklyn.

What you get with your purchase

As soon as you purchase the series, you’ll get a doc with a link to a secret page where you can always access the streaming videos, and also download directly. You get full access to stream + download this series forever!

Any questions or concerns? Just email our Support Crew in Brooklyn, NY at: support@seebenow.com