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You’ll get immediate access to hundreds of yoga and lifestyle videos which you can stream on your computer, phone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

You’ll get new episodes each week from the Video Immersion Series, featuring world-class presenters of yoga, meditation, health, food, sex & relationships and much more. 

What Are the Benefits?

Experience More Connection.

The word Yoga actually means union, or connection. Yoga Lifestyle means connection your Mind, Body and Self, as well a global community of students, teachers, influencers and thought leaders.

Feel Less Stress. 

If you’re like the rest of us, you’re stressed from multi-tasking and living a modern life. Get experiences here that help you focus your energy which helps you deal better with people at work, social and relationship situations.

 Get Results.

Studies have shown that people doing Yoga Lifestyle practices may be productive, creative, financially abundant. That’s why more than 36 million people are doing it in the USA alone.


How Does it Work? 

Step 1 // Start Your Free Trial.

Start your 33 day free trial with no obligation and get immediate access to unlimited videos, interactive platform and supportive community.

Step 2 // Create Your Space. 

Clear your schedule for a few minutes. Roll out your mat. Fire up your computer, phone or tablet. Get ready. This is YOU time. 



Step 3 // Choose Your Focus. 

Want to Sit, Watch and Learn? Choose Mind. 

Want to Move, Sweat and Flow? Choose Body. 

Want to Feel, Breathe and Listen? Choose Self. 


Step 4 // Choose Your Element.

Customize your experience using the power of the Five Elements depending on your mood, time of day or desired energetic outcome.  (Learn More)


Step 5 // Choose Your Presenter & Episode.

We’ve discovered world-class teachers, influencers and thought leaders from around-the-world. Experience yoga, meditation, healthy food, sex & relationship practices and much more.  We premiere a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday. 

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