Why SeeBeNow Creators?

Online content provided by wellness influencers is in increasing demand. However, existing platforms suffer from bullying, pirating, data breach, and inconsistent revenue potential. On these platforms, content creators must resort to gimmicks and sacrifice authenticity by “putting on an act” to achieve scale and income through partnerships with brands and advertising.

We created a multi-sided platform for wellness influencers to engage and monetize their audiences— safely, freely, and authentically.

Here’s how it works:


Using SeeBeNow’s multimedia platform technology as a base, get your app developed in just weeks. Design in-app features, like filters, content feed, gamification, and more. Our friendly team in NYC is here to help you get the user experience you envision and assist you with upgrades as you grow. 



Already have your own content? Great!

If not, SeeBeNow has a fully-equipped and experienced multimedia production team to help get you on your way filming, recording, and editing content. Please ask us about these options.

Content Management

You own and control all the content that goes in your app. Use our content management system (CMS) to upload content and publish it live.

Ready to get started?

Email erick@seebenow.com to set up an initial consultation.