by Hitomi Mochizuki

“Creating this app has changed my life in ways I didn’t know were possible - I’ve been able to establish a steady income, express myself without fear of censorship or harassment, and share the ancient wisdom that has saved me time and time again. I am able to create what matters most to me, with that freedom so much more has been unlocked within.” ~ Hitomi


by Allie Michelle

“Co-creating this platform with the SeeBeNow team has been inspiring and seamless - from the app, to the content to the community engagement … it’s come together perfectly.”

This is your safe space

You’re discovering that your community wants to see and hear more of the real you, right!?

This is a space to express yourself in a more genuine way.

We have created a customizable platform to safely, freely, and genuinely engage with your audience.

We co-create with you to provide a way to avoid increasing challenges faced on social media platforms, particularly to your safety and limited revenue potential.

We also specialize in content creation and community engagement, helping to ensure the success of your app.

Member Reviews

“Now the best app I have on my phone”

Allie brings true, genuine energy into everything she does and you certainly can feel it. That is what makes this app so so great. It can seem that sometimes the apps you download are more washed into the market rather than the true purpose. You can feel the true intention that this app was made for, for you. It is the perfect addition to my fast life, when I’m constantly trying to make it a priority to slow down and focus on my inner world. This is the best app I have downloaded on my phone thus far and I will carry it with me always!!! Thank you Allie for blessing us with your love. (App Store Review of Innerbloom)

“This app is raw and pure light”

I have never written a review for anything - ever. Nothing and no one has ever helped me so much to make lifestyle changes. Trying to find conscious media is so hard. Hitomi’s app has truly made me feel so secure in ME; all because she is an unwavering wavelength of love. I’ve been doing yoga with different instructors for over 5 years, and these practices are truly transcendental. The impact she has through a screen can warm up your whole day. NOW she has recipes that are so easy to follow, ingredients that are easy to find (or substitute), and they are all to die for! #inspired #grounded #happyaf (App Store Review of HitomiNow)

This is how it works

Design + Develop

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Create your custom app - designed, developed and launched in just weeks. We work with you to make it look and feel like your brand, your vibe.

We handle all the tech so you don’t have to. We’re not just an app developer. We’re your tech, media and community partner.

Content Support

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Create content that delivers engagement. We have hundreds of hours of experience creating mobile content that users watch and come back to.

You own and control all the content that goes in your app. Use our content management system (CMS) to upload content and publish it live.

Community Engagement

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Before and after you launch your app, we help make sure it’s ready for success. We’ll help you drive user engagement, retention and growth.

Our team works closely with you to create a Growth Roadmap and provides regular check-ins to analyze results and improve.


How does the app generate income for me?

Each custom Creators App offers your followers and students “frictionless subscriptions”, making it easy for them to engage with you as a free member, and even easier for them to subscribe as a paid member.

Most Creators charge $6-10 per month/user for the premium subscription, and reach 1k paid subscribers after one year. Our goal for each Creator is 5k paid subscribers in the first 18-24 months.

How much does the app cost to make?

Since each app is a custom work of art, we can tailor the project to fit your budget. We make the startup investment small, and structure fees so that we get paid only after you get paid.

How does this app compare to other OTT platforms?

We developed this platform out of a need that we discovered organically - no one we talked to could provide tech, content and community support the way we knew was needed. You can find several OTT platforms out there, but the support pretty much ends with the tech. To really see results, you need content support and community growth

We also designed our Creators Agreement to be structured in a way that is very friendly to the Creator in terms of revenue share. Again, we only get paid if your app does well so we make a big effort to make sure you’re supported and growing month to month.

How much content do I need to create for the app?


SeeBeNow Creators is currently limited to selected applicants.

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