3 Key Insights for Living Healthier Digital Lives

Allie Michelle shares at our talk at the Assemblage in NYC

Allie Michelle shares at our talk at the Assemblage in NYC

By Erick Joseph

We started with a guided meditation, and ended with 80 people holding hands in a circle, integrating 3 tools to help us live healthier digital lives. 

What happened in between was, for me, nothing less than riveting conversation with our new Creators - Allie, Claire and Hitomi - and the members of the group in attendance, who just like you and me are trying to live a life of connection and well-being, while also navigating tech and social media.

We discussed ways to live digital lives in harmony with our human nature, and experienced tools that help free us from the burden of social validation and screen addiction. Here are the tools we committed to:

  • Self Reflect before and after bedtime - don't start or end your day with the phone.

  • Tension Checks while on social media - check in with your breath, check in with your body and posture.

  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier and so something you love for the simple joy of doing it.

We were as compelled by the audience's personal experiences as they were ours. It was a co-creative conversation with no walls between panel and participant. 

I truly had no idea it was gonna feel so good to have this conversation at the Assemblage in NYC. I was totally nervous before we started, feeling like I had underprepared my questions and unsure of how our fellow humans would receive what we were sharing.

The real value in what we shared together came just after we wrapped, when so many people stayed to tell us how good they were feeling and how much more empowered they were to wake up and thrive, not just survive in a tech-driven world that demands so much from us.

I'm slicing up the video of the entire event and will share it with you soon, on both Elementa and HitomiNow apps.

In the meantime, I'd love to ask you, would you like to attend an event like "The Future of Wellness, Influence + Tech" in your home city? Where do you live? What are your thoughts on the topic? 

We'd really like to do this again after the warm reception we received, and would love your feedback. Feel free to reply here and let me and the team know!