How to be clear about your self care goals


Today is a day where we collectively recognize the importance of self care.

We humans need days like this where we come together in support of a common goal, shared vision or mutual interest. Self care is one of those things that can seem easy to overlook, and hard to integrate when we feel like we're doing it alone.

I'm a big believer in the power of intention. In my meditation trainings, we learned that action first happens at the level of thought, then speech, and finally the physical.

So when it comes to self care goals, the act of writing or journaling is an action that in a way captures all three of those, allowing us to be clear and specific about our intention.

There's just over 20,000 of us in the SeeBeNow community, and my invitation to each of you on Self Care day is to come together for just 15 minutes today and write down your self care goals for the rest of 2019.

Good old paper and pen or pencil is preferred for this experience.

When you're ready, start by taking six deep breaths to reset your parasympathetic nervous system.

Then, let the pen run free on the page, setting out any ideas that come to mind about how you want to feel, where you want to be, or what you wish to create starting with the words "I am".

For example:

"I am more at ease"
"I am enough"
"I am creating at my highest potential"

Then, you can get specific by listing affirmations like:

"I am meditating 3 days per week to increase my sense of connection and calm"
"I am doing breathwork to increase focus and awareness"
"I am doing yoga asana on Monday and Friday to start and end my week on a positive note"

If you wrote this on paper, take out the sheet and place it gently on your bedside table. If you sleep next to your phone, you can keep the paper there as a bed or blanket for your phone. Perhaps you'll even review the intentions before you sleep instead of scrolling on Instagram!

Repeat the intentions at the level of thought and speech, and continue until they become a regular, physical action.

As always, reach out and let us know how this experience worked for you. We're all in this conversation together, it's good to know you have support.

Big love,