Lets Be Real About Whats Happening On Your Phone

By Erick Joseph

I checked out the new screen time app on my iPhone yesterday, and got a pleasant surprise...

My screen time was down another 15%, to 1 hour and 18 minutes per day.

In truth, it took me months to get here. I made a focused effort to reduce the time I spent on social apps, internet articles, search and texting.

Since hosting the Future of Wellness, Influence and Tech event in NYC with our new Creators, I am super inspired to invite conversation with you around the integration of wellness and tech. 

Let's think about how we got here - the iPhone and Facebook News Feed came out in 2007. That's only 12 years we've had to live with and integrate these technologies. How much has it shaped your reality? You know the answer to that question. It's affected nearly everything we do. 

The reality is we're struggling to adapt to how much it's changing our lives. What's happening on our phones is that we're playing catch up.

Mobile devices and social media are not bad. Neither are the companies that make these technologies. It's just that their incentives are all based around designing persuasive technology that is really good at harnessing our attention, and that's not always good for us. 

Yesterday, I posted an article on Medium about how we made Hitomi's app (read it here 4 minutes). Despite the title of the article, I am not attacking social media companies or Apple or anyone. I am only inviting some discourse about the integration of human well being with technology. 

Technology is inevitable, and incredible. And if we want to keep it that way we have to demand more from it. Tech should serve our best interests first. It should connect us in a real human way, not addict us for profit.

When we open up an app, we should feel a real sense of connection to the people who made it and to the people on the screen. Your apps should be designed towards "Me Time, not screen time".

We should feel human when we use technology.

I am not saying we have built the best solution, but I am really proud of the latest version of HitomiNow, Elementa app (lifetime subscription on sale $99) and all the new ones we're building. 

Our apps are not flashy, but they certainly don't resemble a hamster wheel. They deliver quality content designed for human connection in a functional, beautiful way. 

Now I'd like to ask your feedback .... 

We are starting to play with building a community feature for the next versions of our apps, and I would love to know from you what you'd like to see here.

There definitely won't be likes or ratings of any sort, but we're considering ways for you to communicate with your favorite Creators and other members. What should this look like? What's important for you?

Let me know ... I would love to hear your thoughts!

Big love,