We created this safe space for you


I never fancied myself a technologist ... I wanted to be Bowie, not Jobs.

But when the opportunity came up in 2016 to build our first mobile app called SeeBeNow - I realized the potential it would have to dramatically shift the way people interact with content and media - and I committed myself to creating technology guided by intention.

When I ride the NYC subway I like to check out what people are doing on their phones - some people play Candy Crush, others listen to Spotify. Many people scroll Instagram.

Most apps designed for the attention economy do just that - that pull us away from the present moment, and harness our attention.

But what do we get in return for investing our time?

I really started to ask this question after witnessing my partner Hitomi become anxious and at times overwhelmed every time she would post on social media.

It became clear that not only the consumers of all that content, but also the Creators were equally subjected to feelings of discontent, FOMO and lack of self worth.

This is a problem that's getting even worse as the new generation of "digital natives" ie kids born with technology from day one are finding that their digital lives are inescapable.

Thus, we created a platform that we hope provides a solution for users and creators by offering a safe space for connection.

By design, we aim to keep it simple and beautiful - deliver videos, podcasts and blogs that give you experiences you can use to enhance your every day life and well being.

Our latest iteration of the Creators App platform is HitomiNow - now with new features that actually do more to keep you connected to yourself than connected to your phone.

We'll be launching new apps soon - next up is from Allie Michelle with her new app Innerbloom coming August 14.

Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on all this, and if you're in NYC - last chance to come by and connect with us tonight at Assemblage NoMade (RSVP here)



Erick Joseph