Go Deeper Into Your Body



Not only is it super intelligent with features such recover, respond, and recondition, it can also move in fantastic ways. 

The physical vessel on which we ride on through space and time is magnificently positioned to do everything you need it to do. 

Your needs and your body is truly unique, it only exists in this way at this time, ONCE. 

So while you have this one time only ride on this one time only spaceship, we invite you to GO DEEPER. 

No matter where you're at, the key to get results is just showing up. Hopefully, getting on the mat is easier with these new episodes on HitomiNow and Elementa apps:

On HitomiNow,  do Ashtanga yoga with Hitomi - a style that she learned in India - an energizing and physical practice!

On Elementa, get Earth Medicine for Grounding (FREE Series) to experience how to heal your body and be your own doctor!

Big love!