Self Care Results + Giveaway Challenge


There’s lots of buzz around the concept of self care right now, but how does that actually lead to results?

For self care practices to give us results, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

1. ) ROUTINE - Consistency is the single most important factor in seeing results. If you’re just beginning a self care practice, set aside 15 minutes at least 3-4 times per week and you will be on the path to experiencing results.

2.) BE REALISTIC - Set realistic outcomes you want to reach that will affect how you show up in the world. Also be very specific about those outcomes - don’t be afraid to declare exactly what you want to achieve - write it down, speak it out, let the world know.

3.) TALK TO OTHER HUMANS - The self care conversation doesn’t always have to be only between you and you. Your experience is worthy of being shared and people around you will appreciate knowing what works for you and what results you’re seeing. You may inspire them to do the same!


Here is a free Relaxation + Yoga Nidra meditation experience from Elementa App for you to work into your routine.

Set a goal or outcome you’d like to have, like increased focus, intuition, or relaxation or stress reduction.

Then, add this 10 minute experience in your routine once per week for the next 4 weeks.

Next, find one person in your life who you can share the experience with. Let them know how it made you feel, what came up for you, and how you’ve changed in any way.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, write to us at and tell us your story. We will choose one stories to publish on our blog and give you a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to Elementa app!

The challenge begins Jan 21, 2019 and the Giveaway happens on Feb 18. Fill out this form to submit your story!



Erick + SeeBeNow Support Crew