Inspo from the Mayan Jungle

Since landing in Tulum, I've been finding inspiration from the ocean and the jungle.  Getting out of New York has been a great opportunity for me to listen, and receive from nature. 

In Lak’ech Ala K’in is a quote from the Mayan people who roamed the jungles here, whom I learned are amongst the oldest civilized groups in the world.

I read this quote while on a quiet, solo art walk in the jungle at Holistika, a wellness hub in Tulum. I had seen this quote before but never knew what it meant. The phrase is actually a greeting, which can be interpreted as "I am you, you are me".

It's a statement of openness towards others. Sometimes shortened as In Lak'ech can be a way to greet or honor others in the way this epic tribe did for centuries across vast lands in what is now Mexico and central America. 

In the spirit of this quote, this week I'd like to invite you to new practices on Elementa and HitomiNow apps that will help you feel more open and connected, to yourself and also to others. 


On HitomiNow, experience Loving Kindness Meditation for healing, forgiveness and self love. Sharing your love with others is an immediate way to feel it within yourself and can be used to break through the heavy burden of judgements and resentments. Love is our natural state return to it with this meditation.

On Elementa, experience  Breathe With Awareness, a three-part breath which will help build your lung capacity by taking longer deeper breaths. You will experience the breath of fire which helps to tone your nerves and strengthen and purify your digestive system.



Erick Joseph